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Professional cleaning in Dallas
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Commercial & Office Cleaning Service

We are proud to offer competitive pricing on all short and long term cleaning contracts for commercial locations.

We supply and use all of our own professional cleaning equipment. Our commercial cleaning services provide a clean and healthy workplace. Increase the productivity of your employees by giving them the cleanest, most sanitary work environment possible. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete service to a consistently high standard.


  • dust surfaces
  • wipe
  • vacuum clean
  • empty rubbish bins


  • vacuum clean
  • mop
  • dust surfaces
  • wipe benches
  • clean sink


  • vacuum clean
  • mop
  • dust surfaces
  • clean toilet bowls and seats
  • sanitize basins, door handles and taps


  • wipe down walls
  • clean stairwells
  • deodorizing
  • clean any glass, partitions, mirror and metal;
  • clean/sanitise telephones, computer keyboards and screens
  • clean projectors, electronic whiteboards
  • floor sweeping and scrubbing
  • polish hard floor with high speed polisher and buff hard floors
  • stripping and polishing vinyl as required
  • rubbish removal and recycling
  • remove cobwebs
  • water blasting

To make a booking or to obtain a free, no obligation quote, call us today on 214-938-4284 or use our contact form and send us an email. Please allow at least 24 hours before you would like us to start cleaning your home.

Call 214-938-4284

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